Managing wireless network infrastructure can be a very technical and time demanding task for any IT department. In today's reality there is an incredible demand for wireless network consumption for employees that expect a reliable, and fast experience for access to the internet and their related applications. A substantial move towards using wireless in the workplace today due to the main benefit of working anywhere in the office from board room to office to lunch room but is it being built properly with future network demands built in? We have been working with wireless network technologies since its original "birth" in 1997 when "Wi-Fi" protocol was officially released.

Much advancement have been made since this time including the ability for workstations and laptops to communicate well above the gigabit per second threshold which now makes it very feasible to use "wireless" technology as your sole network connection medium for both mobile phone, computer, printer, desk phone, etc.

Building a reliable, scalable, future proof wireless architecture is challenging and difficult as it is commonly setup incorrectly without planning for future network capacity requirements. This can cause unreliable and slow user experiences that result in application disconnects, slowness, and telephone communication challenges and in some cases complete network outages.

Netgrid utilizes cost effective wireless mesh technologies that do not require any local infrastructure except the actual access points themselves.

This alleviates unnecessary points of failure and additional cost. The access points are setup after a proper wireless assessment is made for your location/locations based on physical architecture, points of frequency contention, end point capability, current and future network demand requirements, zoning, unnecessary bleed beyond the local area, budgetary and security requirements.

Wi-Fi (802.11) technologies are advancing at a very rapid rate and constantly improving.

Choosing the best 802.11 technology for your business can be a daunting task with all the different types of hardware, and services available on today's market. Netgrid has installed and managed thousands of access points for a variety of company sizes both inside as well as outside physical locations including very hot temperatures as well as very cold climates. Weather is a very important factor when selecting how wireless is designed and implemented when putting together outdoor wireless networks.

Netgrid provides a unified dashboard that can provide your business with complete wireless infrastructure insight and automated reporting abilities.

Our enterprise class access points utilize multiple radios with backend speeds over 2.5 Gbps per access point. Along with built in dedicated security offering protection from continuous scans, adapts to interference, and modifies radio settings on the fly for the best constant performance.
Get complete unparalleled wireless analytics for your business in a unified and intuitive dashboard.

Gain complete insight into your network environment.
Substantial cost savings with a small monthly payment we provide everything required.

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