Experience a new innovative Cloud Strategy

Many existing companies utilize a very legacy IT model which involves an incredible assortment of on-premise hardware which has to be maintained by full time employees dedicated to supporting the hardware to keep it up and running. This puts costs at an extreme as it includes hardware maintenance costs (annually), a data center cost to put the hardware in, heating and cooling costs, full time employee salaries and usually no service level agreements such as 99.9 percent uptime and this is just for the IT hardware. Existing software that runs on the hardware also requires a team to support and deliver the necessary services to the business. Doing this all in house puts IT costs unnecessarily high with multitudes of varying liabilities for the business.

Netgrids analyst-acclaimed service partners leverage world class data centers with top compliance architecture models to maintain the highest standards, keeping IT environments compliant, simplified, and extremely cost effective. By also offering top service level agreements including 99.9 percent uptime and availability for your employees it allows your company to focus on what they do best. As Netgrid is an agnostic provider it allows us to bring the best solutions in for your company without the traditional one service partner company approach that can "do it all". Our unique business model allows us to provide the best-of-breed solutions for your company directly with the service partner with no "middle man" allowing you to save money while having us on your side ensuring success with every aspect of the transformation.

As-A-Service Models

By taking apart the traditional legacy IT models that represent a great majority of existing corporate environments today allows Netgrid to provide low cost alternatives with focused service providers that target specific IT areas and are the best at what they do as that is their companies core. By layering together necessary as-a-service models properly brings the best of breed providers into an all inclusive simplified solution that transforms existing IT into a new type of IT skill set for existing in-house IT folks which we believe is the future skill set required for IT full time employees.

Best of Breed

Partnering with over 170 of the world's best service providers that are very dedicated to their specific offerings allows Netgrid to put forth and recommend the very best for your company in an agnostic approach. Having companies that are specialized in specific areas and in many cases multiple different options for each service offering will bring to you the best potential service partner based on your specific needs and budget.

Best Solutions = Client Satisfaction

When legacy IT or existing failing service providers don't hit the mark we believe there are many reasons for this but for the most part it is based on uptime and costs. Legacy IT is not able to achieve anywhere near what a focused dedicated service partner can for any respective IT vertical as this is typically not their "core". Utilizing the best solution partner for each IT vertical as required builds an incredibly strong foundation for your company alleviating unnecessary costs. Working with the best solution providers saves money as there is no requirement for a full time team removing liability and overhead allowing your company to focus on what they do best.


Compliant Architecture Models

Enterprise architecture models are designed with full compliance in mind from the very beginning. Often compliance is added after the architecture design is completed which causes issues with the existing model. Netgrid provides full compliant solutions that meet the strictest requirements.