Fully Managed Enterprise Security

Looking for a fully managed security architecture model for your company but not sure where to start? We offer a patented adaptive behavioral platform that is fully managed to immediately assist you with a full security operations center as a service offering with industry leading service technologies. We include a dedicated team located in North America that can run your complete enterprise security needs or augment as required.

On average our customers have been saving over 70% monthly with this fully managed solution with over 99% customer retention. Traditional security models are extremely expensive and usually do not properly cover a 24/7 detection and response model. Using our fully managed security platform it can easily integrate with your existing hardware and augment your existing network/security team. We can work together on limiting the traditional cost you are incurring with one monthly low cost bill which represents a complete turnkey managed security service platform for your business.

Managed Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

Manage any SaaS strategy while protecting your data from any cloud applications. Improve your visibility, control, compliance and end to end data protection for any application on any device

Get complete monitoring, incident response handing, and full mitigation. Alerts go to our machine-learning enabled unified platform for single pane of glass views. View and control data at rest or in the cloud and leverage patent pending technology to automatically detect and control any data leakage in any app while preserving existing application functionality using agent protection services.


Complete Cloud Protection

  • Real-time visibility, detection and response for all servers, virtual machines, and containers
  • Provide 24/7 monitoring with complete incident response for your Office 365 environment
  • Advanced threat protection with big data analytics on a custom machine learning patented platform

Endpoint Detection and Response

  • Gain visibility into all endpoints
  • Segregate any issues quickly

Network Event Monitoring

  • Find and prevent APTs (advanced persistent threats) before they do damage
  • Behavioral analysis enabled to protect best against zero day attacks
  • Beautiful user interface for intuitive data flow viewing


  • Enable custom response handling for any type of issue 24/7 365 days a year
  • Advanced visibility and control with your own full time team from our North American SOC
  • Real-time reporting
  • Data feeds from all servers, applications, switches, routers and firewalls
  • Patented custom behavioral data correlation

Full Vulnerability Scanning

  • Scan a host or complete network segment at anytime for compliance
  • Build a full asset inventory
  • Vulnerability correlations with IDS/IPS threats
  • Prioritize scanning results based on severity level
  • Custom signature development

Existing Device Management

  • We will help or fully manage your existing devices
  • 24/7 365 days a year management
  • Block or rate limit applications to offer the best user experiences

Professional Services


Enterprise Security Audit

  • Gain a complete overview of your companies security in a complete comprehensive security audit.
  • Get custom device configuration recommendations for firewalls, DNS servers, Database servers and network devices.

Compliance Testing

  • Gain full compliance for PCI, HIPAA, SOX and validate all infrastructure architecture to achieve and maintain necessary compliance levels.
  • Get protection for credit card data no matter if it resides on premise in the cloud or both ( PCI DSS ).
  • We will provide validation and recommendations for all digital patient records to meet HIPAA standards as well as standard system audits for compliance with the Sarbanes - Oxley Act .

Pen Testing

  • Full penetration testing scans for discovery of critical issues and vulnerabilities.
  • Examine vulnerabilities and how they are related to existing processes.
  • Re-scans to confirm issues found have been addressed.
  • Test regularly or on a set schedule.
  • Examine applications including source code and APIs to identify vulnerabilities within applications.
  • All testing done by certified security professionals and developers.

Fully Managed Enterprise Security

  • Partnered with top Gartner and Forrester Research magic quadrant service providers
  • Website, name server, and full infrastructure protection
  • Direct layer 2 connection option
  • PCI DSS compliant v6.6
  • Real-time dashboard
  • SLA Guarantees that all attacks are blocked in under 10 seconds
  • Deployed and protection provided within 30 minutes
  • Utilizing over 40 DDOS compliant data centers in a mesh topology
  • Significantly reduce latency levels to under 45 ms no matter where your applications are located
  • Update security polices live
  • BGP based DDOS protection

Web Application Firewall

  • Deploys in under 30 minutes
  • Cloud based offering in a mesh topology across 40 data centers
  • Top rated solution by Gartner and Forrester
  • Advanced boot detection and from backdoor shells
  • Complete protection includes the top 10 OWASP threats like cross-site scripting, SQL injection, etc.
  • Advanced Persistent Threat protection
  • Full SIEM integration
  • Integration into existing automated workflows
  • One click two factor authentication for significant protection from malicious logins
  • Ability to allow access by validated identity, geo-location, plus others