Global SD-WAN

Software-defined networking offers companies an extremely cost effective approach to traditional network architecture models by providing simplification on overall management and design offering excellent redundancy while significantly reducing costs. Gain centralized control in the cloud with flexibility and significant performance enhancements.

With SD-WAN as- a-service, companies can consume SD-WAN services the same way as other cloud services.


Optimized SD-WAN


Benefits to Utilizing SD-WAN


Simplified Management

Software controlled networks are easier to add functionality from a central location reducing the need for edge appliances delivered over a private network controlled by you and not your MPLS service provider.


Significant Performance

Have the ability to prioritize your data for all mission critical applications no matter where they are hosted. Direct connectivity to cloud SaaS providers including AWS and Azure. Improve video and voice digital services.


Direct Internet Access Circuits

Save money by using local telecommunication providers for your office locations. Changing to local internet providers can save you significant money on a monthly basis and also increase data speeds for your users.



Increase redundancy with SD-WAN solutions by utilizing multiple providers per location.



More cost effective especially when compared to MPLS solutions.

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Network Solutions

Netgrid can also provide options for you for more traditional types of network solutions such as MPLS options. We have the unique ability to check with multiple providers for your locations as we are an agnostic services provider. This gives you the best solution for your company based on your needs and budget requirements.

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