There's not just one technology that can do a complete recovery on all today's different data types.

Working with a company that has its entire focus on disaster recovery and has since inception provides the absolute best disaster recovery service on the market today. Working with systems in house and in multiple clouds out of several locations can be a challenge when a disaster is declared.
Having the ability to provide the complete A to Z when a disaster is confirmed can mean the difference between uptime and downtime, employees paid or not paid, employees having a place to work or not, these are things that need to be properly planned for the best chance of business continuity.

We can provide professional consulting regarding all areas of DR including the initial creation of a proper Disaster Recovery plan, establishing the correct RPO (Recovery Point Objective), and RTO (Recovery Time Objective),
adjusting business processes and physical places for employees to work in case of disaster can be the difference between a successful recovery or failed attempt.

Another item that is often missed is the ability to fail back after a successful failover occurs once a disaster is declared. This can be just as important or more important as it means not losing any data during the move back to your companies' original systems and is often overlooked.


A common unknown aspect to many data centers around the world is their lack of extra resources including power, space and capacity.

This is due to the fact that there has never been more data or more requirements put on today's data centers and the numbers are increasingly growing. This is particularly the case when crucial production infrastructure resides in on premise data centers. Our service is equipped with the required power, space, and capacity as this is the main and only business our service partners work in. Let our global network of data centers and the best available DR professionals in the business help your company with its continuity and focus more on your bottom line.

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