Cloud Backup as-a- Service

Fully scalable and very simple, secure and compliant backup solution. Easy implementation with your existing desktop and server architecture. Customers utilizing Veeam can use a one click deployment for your virtual private cloud environment.


Functionality Features

  • Complete scalability
  • Efficient data protection including custom protection policies
  • Pick your data center or data centers to store your backup data
  • Intones (Barracuda) Cloud Backup options
  • EMC Avamar options
  • Veeam options
Backup as a service offers easy deployment and pay as you go functionality taking advantage of your existing architecture for faster deployments at a very affordable price.

Cloud Backup with Object Storage

Cloud Object Storage Service stores your data into containers to provide full access, read, write, and delete. Utilizing Object Storage provides excellent data access performance supporting multiple reads and writes concurrently. All data access whether reads or writes are fully encrypted end to end over SSL. Multiple copies for data are done providing 11 9's of redundancy or 99.999999999% for ultimate reliability. Data protection mechanisms are built in including DDOS protection, non-authorized access alerts, full monitoring with custom data access policy capabilities.

Functionality Features

  • Access to Restful APIs and SDKs for integrations into third party applications.
  • Automatic replication and failover
  • Large file read and simultaneous writes
  • Very low cost archival features
  • Supports any data type including big data, application data, video data, files, etc
  • Unlimited scalability
  • No limit to amount of metadata
  • Metadata can include which type of application the object is associated with, application importance, data protection levels, replication commands , different storage level tiers , even geographical moves.
  • Can be combined with elastic virtual computing and content delivery networks for further scalability computing options and significantly improved network data delivery

Benefits of Object based Storage over file or block storage systems is superior in many situations. Object based storage is much newer than the old legacy file or block storage types allowing significant benefits with geographic data awareness, redundancy, unlimited scalability, definable metadata to allow complete automated data workflows to be used. Many of the largest providers are now utilizing object storage because of its benefits over legacy storage and its much better price point vs file or block. However there are benefits for legacy file storage as well which we also offer and may be beneficial depending on your requirements and budget.

Cloud Network Attached Storage

Cloud NAS is a file storage service that is easy to use and deploy to any of your existing applications today. As there is no need to alter any existing application it enables excellent elasticity and performance within a single namespace. Utilizing cloud based network attached storage provides much better reliability and capacity options to self built cloud NAS and conventional NAS offerings.

  • 99.999999999% reliability
  • End to end data level security
  • No single point of failure
  • Very quick to immediately deploy and utilize within your environment today
  • Easy out of the box integration with existing applications
  • Pay as you go and subscription storage options
  • Decent data scalability

Localized SAN and NAS Offerings

Many companies require or also require immediate data access locally for their environments. Having a local SAN or NAS solution provides unparalleled speed and access to local data which can be beneficial especially when combined with a cloud data storage hybrid design. This provides for many situations an ideal mix between data redundancy, data access speed and geographical redundancy. We are partnered with the ability to provide any of the top OEM storage providers to put together the ultimate data architecture model for your business requirements.


Migration to the cloud for your data can be a long process that often results in a much harder ability to leave the designation cloud environment.

Netgrid utilizes a data agnostic service approach that provides easy to migrate options and the same ability to move out if so desired. This makes our approach very favorable and having our customers not have to worry about being "locked in" after migrating to the cloud.


Contact us about our backup services for your organization and let us show you how we can help your company with its data assets.