Managed Hosting

We offer single tenant hosting on dedicated infrastructure. With well over 50 data centers across 4 continents we can provide confident hosting solutions for business critical applications with our 100% availability guarantee. Our team of enterprise data center engineers are available for you 24x7 365 days a year. With the span of data centers we offer applications the ability to be automatically routed to the users closest location maintaining incredible performance for your customers and employees no matter what the application.

Managed Database Services

Let us help with database management, whether for a new database or existing database we have certified DBA's to provide complete database support 24x7x365 while also optimizing database performance on a constant basis. No matter where the database is running our certified database administrators are here to help with architecture design, administration, troubleshooting or all the above.

Managed Network Services

Utilize our network experts to put together a custom solution for your requirements including 24x7x365 traffic monitoring, threat detection, DDoS protection, and full alerting keeping you well informed on any suspicious activity or high bandwidth notifications and what is causing them.


Managed Data Storage Services

Managing data is a very difficult task, especially doing it properly 24x7. We can offer full data management including scalability, and versatility in a comprehensive fully compliant data model with a 99.99% uptime guarantee. Our managed data storage services offer 200+ Dell EMC certifications, 3 times Winner for Dell EMC global alliances, 20+ Netapp certifications plus many more.

Data Backup Managed Services

Netgrids backup professional service partners have a 99.8% backup success rate with over 2000 PB of data protected annually.

Managed Big Data and Business Analytics

Having the ability to manage, store and properly analyze your companies data can be a confusing and expensive direction. We offer an affordable business intelligence service model that is available 24x7, fully managed including customized solutions to help you design the best business intelligence architecture model for your company. We offer extensive experience in Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Tableau and Informatics.


Managed Cloud

Netgrid provides managed cloud solutions for any cloud based environment. Partnering with the top Gartner leaders in the Infrastructure managed service space we offer the absolute best managed options and pricing for any cloud architecture. Need too simplify your existing hybrid model keeping things more unified? Netgrid can work with you on this as well utilizing the best providers and engineers available.

Public Cloud

A popular option with a multi-tenant architecture and easy scalability for solutions of any size and scale.
Netgrids managed cloud services provides the following completely managed public platforms:


Amazon Web Services

Over 1000 AWS professionals available for you worldwide with support in all 18 AWS regions.


Alibaba Cloud

Partnered with Alibaba Cloud with offerings worldwide. Alibaba Cloud has been managing clouds in China for well over 10 years.


Google Cloud Platform

Netgrid can provide access to over 100 Google experts for complete management needs.


Microsoft Azure

Partnered with a five-time hosting partner of the year for managing and supporting the entire Microsoft stack.


OpenStack Public Cloud

Co-founded by Rack space and NASA Netgrid managed cloud providers and founding OpenStack service providers can fully manage any OpenStack implementation.

Private Cloud

This option is when performance, control and security are your top priority. Netgrid provides fully managed solutions for private clouds of any scale.


Providing expertise with VMware and 10+ years experience managing all VMware workloads.


Microsoft Private Cloud

Management for the complete stack with Microsoft utilizing the best talent on the market including a five time hosting partner of the year.


OpenStack Private Cloud

Our service offering allows for your private cloud to be supported by one of the original creators of the platform. Un-parallel support at any scale.


Hybrid Cloud

In many cases there are combinations of Public and Private Cloud or multiple public clouds working together. Utilizing custom connection software we can connect your multiple environments into a unified architecture model allowing for easier virtual machine moves, backups, data transfers, and significantly better redundancy. Spreading availability across a multi-cloud architecture allows for significant redundancy often alleviating further redundancy requirements for your IT service offerings and providing active active access to your critical services. We can support you in almost any hybrid model environment.

We can support you in any hybrid model environment including

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